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Material: pottery and sand
Year: 2010 - 2011

Zandklableibam is a country in the northeast of the Sandcabap hill range. This region is characterized by a particularly pleasant and stable climate. Throughout the year the temperature is a straight 23 degrees Celsius, rain falls at night in regular intervals between 1:14 and 2:36 AM.

Zandklableibam is built up as the name suggests, from sand and clay. Even the food comes mainly from the earth, such as turnips, carrots, potatoes, moles and earthworms.

The population of Zandklableibam is characterized by their neatly exfoliated  skin, sandy brown hair and dark eyes. The average Zandklableibambenaar is very hairy and has athletic calves which comes from frequently walking through loose sand.

Zandklableibambenaren are genuine people, they work on the land or in their clay houses. In the evening after work they always have a party together and eat, drink and dace until the rain comes.