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Kunstuitleen Zwolle

kunstuitleen Zwolle

maart - augustus 2015

Voorstraat 31 Zwolle

Aanstormend talent bij MIJ, het beste uit 2014 van Galerie Pouloeuff

Museum Ijsselstein

21 maart - 31 mei 2015

Walkade 2 Ijsselstein

Specifieke omstandigheden; specifieke oplossingen.


Galerie Pouloeuff

27 juni t/m 7 september

Turfpoortstraat 36a
1411 EG Naarden-Vesting

D(esign) Day

30 mei t/m 1 juni 2014 Timmerfabriek Maastricht

Cuypershuis Roermond


Designers meet & greet 5,6 april 2014

Pierre Cuypersstraat 1
6041 XG Roermond

steinbeisser experimentel gastronomy at Lloyd hotel & cultural embassy Spring 2014


Under the culinary guidance of chef Femke van den Heuvel, the project invites together with the Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy to a creative-culinary event, where a 5 course menu will be served, made of plant-based ingredients from biodynamic farming sourced in different regions of the Netherlands.

Located in the charming scenery of the Lloyd Hotel the guests go on a culinary journey savouring in whole new way. The porcelain cutlery created by Renée Boute and Lisanne van Zanten formed by cutting and reassembling antique silver cutlery and the dishes from Lies Arts and Bram van Leeuwenstein with mushrooms, birds and gigantic rocks will give a new extraordinary shape to the tableware.

steinbeisser experimentel gastronomy at Lloyd hotel & cultural embassy winter 2014


friday 21, saturday 22 and sunday 23 february 2014 at 19.00


witte rook

onze lieve vrouwestraat 29

2800 mechelen stad (BE)

Mudam Luxembourg - Marché des créateurs

Mudam, opens its doors once again to the "Marché des créateurs", offering designers an unusual display and selling space. This annual meeting is an opportunity to bring together designers using different techniques and working in diverse disciplines and universes


4 t/m 8 december 2013

Mudam Luxembourg

Cash & Carry

30 Nov. t/m 22 Dec. 2013


Nobelstraat 12 Utrecht

Stadsschouwburg Utrecht

October t/m December 2013

ACEC Apeldoorn

Hoe = het nu

ACEC Apeldoorn

23 nov. t/m 15 dec. 2013


15 t/m 17 november 2013

Timmerfabriek Maastricht

Dutch Design Week - hello randomness

19 t/m 28 october 2013

Temporary Art Centre TAC & Zona Ventosa

Voderweg 1

5611 BK Eindhoven

Nature by Gumbs

2 Juni t/m 1 september 2013
Kasteel Groeneveld

Groeneveld 2

3744 ML Baarn


23 t/m 26 mei 2013

Sam decorfabriek Maastricht

Department store 6

19 Mei t/m 7 Juli 2013


Telingstraat 2A Utrecht


Opening expositie kunstportaal

Het welkomsdrankje werd geserveerd in porseleinen eendjes. in samenwerking met Pascal Mulder en Bram van Leeuwenstein

Kunstuitleen Voorburg - Feest

17 november t/m 29 december 2012

Kunstuitleen Voorburg

Herenstraat 92 Voorburg

D'Day - Maastricht
5 t/m 10 november 2012
Mecc Maastricht

D-Day is a new platform for design. We present special products in a unique way; D-day is fair, exhibition and auction. With us you will find beautiful design at an affordable price. Design is luxury for everyone!
Erfgoedlab - Archaeology Imagined
25 July t/m 11 October 2012
UvA Erfgoed
Oude Turfmarkt 127
1012 GC Amsterdam

Both in method and in interpretation the production of scientific archaeology and contemporary design show striking similarities. Both archaeologists and contemporary artists and designers create their own worlds. In both disciplines, practitioners use stories to convey information and to give context to isolated objects, making them understandable to contemporary audiences.
Designroute Utrecht
18 t/m 24 May 2012
Design Route 030
Design Route 030 places thirty product designers with their products in thirty shop windows. The products range from lamps and chairs to bags and jewelry. The event offers a week-long stage for Utrecht design talent and gives visitors a fresh perspective on design. The route runs along the most attractive spots of Utrecht. With the monumental heart of Utrecht, the Dom Tower in sight.
Hard Arnhems
11 t/m 13 May 2012
Van Muylwijkstraat 23 Arnhem
Duran van der Poort – How it’s made
Kunstenlab – (T)huis
22 t/m 27 February 2011
Kunstenlab - Deventer
Geslaagd Ontwerp
Architectuurcentrum Twente
Geslaagd Ontwerp 2010
Dutch Design Week - Arnhemse Meisjes
23 t/m 31 October 2010
Eindhoven - Strijp S
Eat Drink Design
23 t/m 31 October 2010
Nieuwe Emmasingel 18, Eindhoven

Pop-up exhibition restaurant
in an empty cinema,
with work by (inter) national design talents.
Hardware 2010
5 September t/m 3 October 2010
Gallery Intermezzo Dordrecht

Traditionally Intermezzo opens the cultural season with an exhibition of graduation work. The exhibition Hardware 2010 offers a wide selection of high quality work that was shown at various academies, at the departments product design.
Graduationshow - ArtEZ Arnhem
ArtEZ Arnhem, graduationshow