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Material: ebony, stainless steel, rubber
Year: 2010

In a remote and obscure part of the bakinoblia live the Duisterlingen in a country deep in a dark forest: Diepzwartland. Diepzwartland is always covered in darkness. There is no electricity, lighting comes from candles and torches, but they are not in abundance so do the Duisterlingen have to feel their way thru their world.

Duisterlingen are black as night and solitair, they are extremely suspicious and are therefore also very fond of their privacy. Nobody knows why the Duisterlingen are so shy but it seems that they have something to hide. Evil tongues say the Duisterlingen engage with dark forces, and have for centuries been trying to create the so desired light.

Few foods can grow in the country as dark as night, the only food that grows there is black.