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Lies Arts graduated in 2010 as a product designer at the Institute of the Arts Arnhem "ArtEZ". Although her heart is in design she has always enjoyed working with food. Her passion for cooking and a passion for tableware go hand in hand. During her study "product design" she asked herself: How would our dishes look like if the world we live in would be totally different? Her graduation work is seen here supplemented by more recent work.

Our current tableware is derived from capabilities and logic, but for centuries it mostly has the same look. I wonder, how would our dishes look like if the world we live in would be totally different?

For inspiration she is making up short stories about non-existent worlds. In these stories, she describes how worlds look, what kind of people or creatures live there, or that their habits or certain characteristics are, and what kind of food these people like to eat. Such stories serve as inspiration for her in the design of new crockery / eatingtools. The stories are not fixed, if necessary  they are adjusted again. In a self-invented world everything is allowed.
These worlds allow for specific circumstances and have invented "problems" in order to implement solutions. The solutions to these problems make the design interesting.

Many people enjoy escaping reality. Whether it is through literature, film, games or computer games. My products are also unrealistic, they do exist though, and can also be used in our world, but they can really come to life in that nonexistent world where they come from; that is your imagination.